Regdar and the Fighters

Regdar and the Fighters is a "solo" project consisting of Steve (nicknamed Fighter #1), a DDR pad-controlled laptop, and whatever guest musicians he has with him any given day.

We play glitchy, catcy nerd punk and sing songs about time travel, the zombie apocalypse, and fighting space aliens.

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Blue Matches

Blue Matches is an alt rock band with pop punk influences band based out of Nashville, TN. Originally started by Steven Edwards in 2009, the core lineup solidified with the addition of Michelle Marston.

Stephen joined on bass in the summer of 2012

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Lipstick is a theatrical glam rock band originally out of Cleveland OH, but now based in Nashville, TN. It was started by Greg Troyan as a studio project before he moved to Nashville and began seeking out a permanent lineup. Stephen joined in 2013 as bass.

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Snake Vomit

Snake Vomit doesn't like you.

Steve "plays" drums and drinks. Dee Powers "plays" bass. Greg Troyan "plays" guitar. Cody Joe Bear shouts into a microphone.

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Nuclear Bubble Wrap

Nuclear Bubble Wrap is a psychedelic rock band from Murfreesboro, TN. The core lineup and primary songwriters are Jace McLain and Kyle Thorne. They play nerdy, experimental songs about bad sci fi movies, cartoons, and crazy people who think they're Santa Claus

Stephen joined as part-time bassist in 2013.

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To Slay Zombie Newton

Started in late 2003, To Slay Zombie Newton was Stephen's college band. He quickly recruited dorm-mate Kevin "Kivar the Malificent" Renstrom on drums and friend Andrew "Wilky" Wilkins on guitar to play his preferred form of nerdy pop punk. The band called themselves Highwall 48 because they were terrible at names.

Soon, they recruited bassist Brian Hon to play lead guitar. ("Lead guitar is just bass guitar transposed up two octaves!") They used this as an excuse to change their name to the much less terrible To Slay Zombie Newton. In 2004, Andrew Wurm recruited himself to pretend to play keyboard and pump his fist 5 minutes before a show. Later he learned the songs and actually played keyboard.

While recording their debut album in 2006, Wilky injured his shoulder. He was replaced by Matthew Biederman, with Wilky sometimes returning for vocal duties live.

After most of the band graduated in 2007, the band went on hiatus except for the occasional reunion show.

Their music is available for download still on their site.


Homo Deprecatus

After moving away from Wisconsin after graduating college, Steve started two solo studio projects. Regdar and the Fighters allowed him to continue playing nerdy pop punk in the vein of To Slay Zombie Newton. Homo Deprecatus was where he recorded all his more serious songs.

These were his songs about love, longing, God, and fixing what's wrong with the world. The name refers to post-humanism. When mankind is replaced by superior cyborgs and robots of our own design or by perfected beings of God's, homo deprecatus - deprecated  self - is the faux Latin nickname, Steve coined for our current state.


We'd Sell Out for $50 Bucks

Stephen started We'd Sell Out in 2007 as a one-off punk side project with Kevin Renstrom. This was where he first built The Abomination, a modified shortscale bass that allowed him to function as both the guitarist and bassist.

Their goal was to records authentic, aggressive "death to the establishment" punk with an authentic, positive "death to the establishment" Christian message.

They recorded 22 songs in under a week.

In 2010, they went back and recorded another 10-song EP in a day for the RPM challenge.



LlamamalL was the name Stephen recorded under during high school.

He self-released one album and then went to college and formed To Slay Zombie Newton instead.